The story of this family owned company is filled with history, artisanal quality and passion for the trade. Over 130 years ago, “Mother Emérance” opened a small-town butcher’s store in Vlamertinge, Ypres. She became the first of 5 generations of butchers to date, who all made their mark on the company that is known today.

The matriarch passed on her successful butcher’s store to her son Remi Vandromme and soon, three of his six children became butchers too. Guido Vandromme, who would be at the head of the family business later, first owned a butcher’s store in Tielt and later Brussels.

After perfecting his trade in the capital, Guido returned home to follow his dream: founding a company in his own region. In 1967, ‘Vandromme Meat Products’ was born. It was one of the first companies to arrive at the current industrial site of Ypres.

It was not the last milestone Guido Vandromme would introduce to the company. When he tasted rillettes during a vacation in France, it inspired him to create a personal recipe. Back home, he carefully developed his own rillettes. Slowly cooked pure meat, a soft texture, perfectly spreadable and full of taste. To this day, the production process for this authentic recipe remains artisanal and local, just as it was back then.

The 4th generation of the family business, with Frans Vandromme and his wife Franciska Vandendriessche, brought the company and its unique rillettes to the next level in terms of quality systems, permits and certificates.

Since 2017, Caroline Vercauteren is at the helm of the company. She has taken big steps in digitalisation and have expanded the range considerably by introducing it to the retail market. With BonRill, Caroline brings a fresh breeze to the company, in a way that is true to its rich history.